Derpy Brighteyes
Ponyville, Equestria
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6 years
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and connect with customers
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foam, pastries, batter, lotion, peanut butter, fruit, fruit filling, marshmallow
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CleverDerpy  3/17/20
It's on the table to request Anthro furry art of me or Human Cartoon style art, go on, ask~Report
CleverDerpy  11/22/19
Chat with me, i don't bite~ I am also submitting new stuff soon!Report
CleverDerpy  8/29/18
I am coming back to you guys with some interesting new stuff on the way, So keep an eye out for me in the future, i will be posting more broadly now! (For sites that may see new content after a long time of inactivity, Derp Yeah~ Expect more, you're not forgotten!)Report
CleverDerpy  3/17/18
I need to let you all know, work has been slowing down lately, but the projects are still in development. Hang in there, i'll be posting something new soon.Report
CleverDerpy  3/14/18
to those of you trying to get a hold of me during nightly hours, I apologize if I seem cranky or am tired and don't stay for long, Daylight Savings is kicking my plot!Report
CleverDerpy  3/12/18
You guys are AWESOME! Way to make me feel welcome here, I sold 8 clips and met lots of great people just like me, this place is great!Report
horslvr  3/10/18
if you were closer to me in rl id help you with your messy funReport
horslvr  3/10/18
wow love your stuff now to see some rl stuff would be awesome not ths toon stuffReport
CleverDerpy  3/5/18
There's gonna be a short film released soon by me, Keep an eye out for this gem of a clip coming your way!Report
CleverDerpy  3/2/18
Don't forget to check out my subsite on UMD for even more works:
CleverDerpy  2/27/18
People often write profound thoughts here, I just improvise~Report
CleverDerpy  2/24/18
Hiya! Thank you for welcoming me, I hope to get along around here, feel free to chat when i am online, but i may not always be readily available, so keep that in mind!Report
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since 2/23/18
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