bethany miligan
staffs england
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16 ½ years
About Me:
im a 39 yo pansexual,gender fluid, from staffordshire england.
been into wam for over 10 years,dont get much chance to get messy these days but do take most baths/showers dressed in some form of femme clothing.
im also into ab/dl fetish
some of my messy fantasys include:

a daddy/mommy who turns me into his very messy baby girl,filling my diaper and plastic pants with custard and chocolate sauce(yellow in front,brown in the back)and feeds me messy sloppy foods by the bucketful so its too much for my little mouth to handle and slops down the front of my dress.
(would also like to do this with another a.b/sissy with me being the mean older sister/babysitter)

me as a schoolgirl receiving very messy birthday bumps having loads of messy substances poured over me while tied to a chair

me dressed in a maid uniform scrubbing the floor which gets harder and harder to clean as the house owner keeps adding to the mess pouring loads of mess over his maid.

me dressed as a sissy little girl,daddy/mommy has brought me a new paddling pool.
while the pool is filling i cant wait to play so i climb in soaking my shoes and socks.angry at little bethy daddy/mommy then ties me up and lies me in my pool and continues to fill it up by emptying buckets of alternating icy cold and warm water over the top of their naughty little girl

Dressed in my cute baby clothes and diaper,I'm taking a nap snuggled up on blankets snuggling a stuffy.
While I sleep,my naughty older sister pours gunge and messy foods all over me .
I wake up a total mess and mommy(older sister now having switch roles) scolds me for being a messy baby and makes me waddle outside dripping with mess to be hosed off in the yard.

Starting off Being naked and being dressed by my mommy/daddy/baby sitter in a diaper and baby clothes that are pulled from buckets of slime/different foods so I I get dressed into messy clothes that coat my body in slop as I'm dressed up.
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very interesting messy proposals you have there Report
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