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I've been involved with WAM for most of my life, with television commercials for laundry detergent and stain removers in the 1980s - when I was still a young school kid - being the key trigger. Thanks to the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, I was able to find the inspiration I had always been looking for and to start a collection of original material that has kept growing for more than twenty years. I can clearly say I am a proud UMD "veteran" and am still very happy that this incredible directory has been there for us all these years.

Elegant clothes, especially expensive silk or satin blouses, are my passion, especially when worn by attractive ladies with beautiful makeup and hair, perfect lipstick, and an intense, sensual scent (preferably very intense). I love to witness how this "perfect, sensual overall experience" suffers from clothing stains, or when the clothes are ripped or cut. So, my fetish is clearly focused on the clothes and the beauty of the wearer, not on the substance or the coverage. A little stubborn stain on the perfect blouse of an elegant lady gives me much more than full messy coverage of a girl wearing a simple cotton top.

Whenever I have the opportunity to do so (which, unfortunately, is not very often the case), I also get a little messy myself and for this purpose I like to buy high quality clothes and messy substances (especially cosmetics and sweet foods) to experience that special thrill of destroying something very beautiful on purpose and only for my personal pleasure. I also really like the feeling of the soaked fabric on my body. Unfortunately, I am alone in this, and I often imagine what it would be like to share these moments with a like-minded woman.

I'm still around to find nice people to talk to and keep things going, and I often buy new videos here or elsewhere to fulfill the visual part of my cravings. I sort of transfer a part of my longings into actions and words. For this reason, I have already written and published three WAM novels in English and two in German and am currently working on sequels. You can find them under my pseudonym Danny Niceblouse e.g. at or I am looking forward to your feedback!!! Thank you!!!

Please feel free to send me a message or chat. See you all soon!
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1978wam  1/20/22
Already working on another novel...Report
1978wam  9/25/21
Looking for more lipstick on my collar...Report
1978wam  6/29/21
Messy Girls Matter...Report
1978wam  3/27/21
Looking for New WAM inspiration in these hard times...Report
1978wam  12/27/20
Christmas stains. Did they all happen by coincidence?Report
lovingmessy4you  9/5/20
hey yaaaa! thank you for the add, and your nice comments! you are so sweet!! i mess you up with a kiss Report
1978wam  8/31/20
There is always enough pie in the house to ruin a blouse...Report
1978wam  3/17/20
Stay at home and watch more WAM. This saves lives.Report
1978wam  1/2/20
A happy and messy 2020 to all of you!Report
1978wam  11/5/19
Bought two boss shirts today - which one will survive?Report
1978wam  7/11/19
Nothing compares to lipstick stains on a silk blouse...Report
1978wam  6/4/19
What's next? Face Cream on Boss Shirt, or Lotion on RL?Report
1978wam  5/29/19
Which lady will kiss my shirts with her red lipstick on?Report
1978wam  5/21/19
Tonight the next designer shirt will go to garment heaven...Report
1978wam  5/20/19
Mmmh... will I wash it or will I rip it?Report
1978wam  5/17/19
If it won't wash anyways - why not add some red wine?Report
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