Sarah Is Introduced to Slapstick Sex by Prof--XXX
2/3/17 from WSM Productions
"Slapstick feast for Sarah and the Prof hugely enjoying the XXX fun"
Preview trailer:  Take a young model, who had not spoken in a video before, mix in Professor Treacle and a load of foodstuffs………and this is great sexy fun.

Sarah is astounded at the Prof's concept of Messy Sex!

This movie is the sequel to wsm411 download of "Sarah's Slapstick Initiation by Professor Treacle" which is already in the UMD Store.

Movie xxx021 commences with our very messy pair sat on the floor.

Sarah wastes no time in getting the Prof's cock out!

Then Sarah gives him a hand job using some golden syrup.

The Prof cracks two eggs and puts them into Sarah's knickers.

She selects custard to apply to his cock as the Prof kneels up expectantly.

Sarah cock sucks him lustily as the Prof pours the custard both over her head and face plus his cock.

Next, he tears her top off so he can see her 'gorgeous tits!' Sarah enjoys the attention.

The Prof gets Sarah to kneel and he applies chocolate sauce to her bum!

This allows Sarah to squirm in and nuzzle his messy balls!

Then she applies custard to his chest and licks away.

The roles are reversed as the Prof licks away at her pussy as Sarah stands.

She pours custard down her front.

Phew! This is only the end of Stream 1 running 11 mins 21 secs.

Stream 2 commences with Sarah dribbling custard over the prone Prof, with special attention to his cock.

Some prolonged cock sucking ensues with excellent close-up shots. Not content, Sarah applies more custard before continuing her prolonged sucking!

The Prof re-arranges the action.

Then it is back to more cock fondling by Sarah.

She says 'I love the feel of all this and I've got really messy!'

They embrace in the total sloppiness and mess!

Sarah applies yet more chocolate sauce to his cock and gives him a further handjob.

Stream 2 runs 8 mins 33 secs

In Stream 3:

We commence with some doggie as the messy pair get down to business.

Then Sarah squats to ride the Prof.

With the Prof lying on his back, Sarah continues to be pounded by our horny Prof!

The slurpiness and sloshy noises rise in crescendo.

'Squelch! Squelch!' says Sarah.

Sarah gets the Prof to sit on a chair before she sits on him.

She tells him 'I want to shag you rather hard in this slippery mess!'

Picking up the 2nd cherry flan, the Prof says 'There is something else we do with these'….as he rubs it into her face, causing Sarah to gasp!

Next, a prolonged cock suck, as Sarah sat on the chair, sucks the standing Prof.

Sarah squats to again cock suck the rampant Prof in a horny finale.

Stream 3 runs 12 mins 47 secs

What a Slapstick feast this was with both Sarah and the Prof hugely enjoying the fun.

Considering that Sarah had not been sploshed before and had no idea what was to come, she showed how a newcomer can enjoy the action.

If you do not want a XXX movie, then "Sarah's Slapstick Initiation by Professor Treacle" is already in the UMD Store as movie wsm411. It runs 22 minutes, costs $8-60 and has the same Free Video Trailer.
The full scene:
33 min
3 files
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