Sandie Gets the Sploshing of Her Life--normal
5/12/16 from WSM Productions
"This movie will become everyone's favourite!"
Preview trailer:  This 17-minute movie Wsm403 will become everyone's favourite!

If you want an introduction to Splosh and to Wsm Productions then this is a perfect introduction!

That good?

Oh yes!

Sandie the waitress had been left frustrated after seeing her friend Sue sploshed up by Professor Treacle.

Sandie tells him she 'Loves doing that sort of thing!'

She talks through with the Prof her splosh fantasies, demonstrating on him where the foodstuffs would go.

The Prof is taken aback and calls her 'The girl of his dreams!'

He conjectures what he might do with 'A raver like you and a gallon of custard'.

That startles Sandie who is mightily impressed and asks the Prof: 'What would you have done with a gallon?' So the roles are reversed and the Prof demonstrates with Sandie not only where the custard would have ended up, but also chocolate sauce, golden syrup, eggs, strawberry creamy mess, rice pudding and that her hair would have been matted with beans and spaghetti.

Suddenly, we have foodstuffs!

'Well, what are we waiting for says the Prof!'

'Let's make some mess' says Sandie.

There is:

1. Spaghetti – 'Smother me in it' says Sandie

2. Margarine – 'Coat it all over me'.

3. Golden syrup – 'Now I really am sticky'.

4. Tomato soup – 'My favourite'

Sandie asks 'Do you want some too?'

'Of course' the Prof replies.

So we have a mutual sploshing session from a couple who just cannot get enough messy action. See Free Trailer

5. Mayonnaise – 'I've never been this creamy before!'

6. Eggs – 'I'm all eggy now'

7. Beans – 'Baked beans…..that was a surprise!'

8. Raspberry puree – 'This is fun this red stuff'.

Some unbelievable mess and great tit for tat exchanges.

So what happens next?

The action became too steamy but a further 31 minutes of amazing slapstick XXX action follows, which will be our next publication as movie Xxx016.

but this shoot from 2002 was just too good not to be included in our main site movies.

We show you below the Trailer from this Vintage movie Wsm403.

we have yet to publish image set S089 of the slapstick action between Professor Treacle and Sandie.

So we show you Before and After shots.

Do note that the After (Messy) shot is not taken from movie Wsm403 but gives you a glimpse of the later action.
The full scene:
17 min
2 files
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