Food 01 Vanessa Messiest Food Sploshing
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"Vanessa in white net takes a huge food messing with food on her"
Preview trailer:  Movie WSM015 Food 01 Vanessa plus Image set S192

We shot our first in the Food range of movies in September 2006.

This started as a custom shoot with the specification of a busty girl, who must enjoy being almost drowned in foodstuffs!

You think I am kidding?

Movie WSM015 titled Food 1 has beautiful brunette Vanessa deluged with foodstuffs non-stop for over 31 minutes!

Unique material and a godsend for all WAM devotees!

So this is what happens in the 1st of the 3 movie streams.

This 1st Stream runs 10 mins 40 secs.

Commencing in a plain white see-thru leotard, Vanessa tells us that she is 'hoping to get really messy'. Her wish is fulfilled!

Vanessa starts pouring a jug of eggs down the neck of her leotard.

Custard is then thrown over her, then strawberry yogurt.

We do not see the thrower.

Vanessa laughs and rubs the foods into her body.

Does she get food thrown at her face and over her head?

Oh yes! Yes! Yes!

Vanessa kneels down and cream is poured over her head and in her mouth!

Beans follows to which Vanessa says 'That was pretty messy!'

She pours beans down her leotard so her crotch bulges with beans!

Vanessa places a trifle on her head and removes the container.

Then she tips custard down her leotard and laughs raucously!

Beans are thrown over her…..then yogurt.

6 mins 55 secs into the 1st stream, she removes her leotard and continues nude.

She pours custard over her head, face and boobs!

Chocolate sauce is poured over her mouth and down her body.

Vanessa rubs the chocolate sauce into her face!

Next, spaghetti is poured over herself.

She lies on the floor to receive squirty cream over her body, face and hair!

All the time, Vanessa smoothes and slicks the foodstuffs over her body.

Then she has custard poured on her.

Standing up, she is splattered further by chocolate milkshake!

Now the above is an account of the 1st Stream only.

There are 2 further Streams of 11 and 9 ½ minutes mostly of floor action!

Still wondering?

Well, take a look at these 4 Clips of Movie WSM015 of Vanessa in Food 1 action!

Image set S192 is from Movie WSM015 Food 1.

There are 72 video grabs of Vanessa.

these shots are a great illustration of the sheer messiness of the Food Movie series.

There are many kinds of foodstuffs which get thrown or poured over Vanessa.

We finish off with some great rice pudding Shots.

movie WSM015 has 3 Streams running 31 mins 21 secs.

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 40 secs

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 05 secs

Stream 3 runs 9 mins 36 Secs

image SET S192 has 72 video grab shots.

The full scene:
32 min
7 files
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