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Whether it's the ultimate knicker-filling,
A sensuous 'salon' treatment,
Or simply full-on, head-to-toe mess...

...you won't be disappointed!

Just make the arrangements, then sit back and submit. Guaranteed to result in a total mess. You won't recognise yourself!

(Light bondage and humiliation are optional )

Alternatively, turn the tables and give me any of the above

Discretion's assured, of course - and I'll bring the polythene sheeting!

One of UMD's original crowd (under an earlier username), I've been hanging around in these parts for a good few years. Still can't identify what it is I love about indulging in all this mess, but I know I'm not alone and that's a good enough reason to carry on, for now.

Always keen to chat, whether about wam or more diverse subjects, so feel free...

I'm always open to offers for meets - whether male or female - as long as you're not a bunny-boiler or an axe-murderer (past, present or in training). For me, it's all about the mess and having some fun!

I would post more pics, only (a) I haven't taken any for a while, and (b) those that I do have are on a large and now inaccessible hard drive. Would appreciate any tips or recommendations for recovery!
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