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My fetish is about sexy legs, silky sheer nylons and stilettos or pumps.

Please note that the images in my album are not me but my girl friend. Well, more of a leg & nylon fetish friend.

She loves to wear them and I love to have her use them on me after shes worn them.

I buy her Philippe Matignon, Wolford and Ibici Nylons.
Those are some of the silkiest, softest and sheerest

They look amazing on her legs and feel really sweet
and sexy when she uses them on me.

When I say she uses them on me what I mean is she masturbates me with them very lightly and gently.

The silky fabric rubbing up and down against itself
over my skin causes a very silky sheer friction
which creates an intensely sweet tickling sensation
all the way through me.

Her light touch and slow strokes cause the sensation
to last a long time bringing me closer and closer and
then she takes a little break driving me crazy and starts
all over again.

She keeps doing this with her silky soft nylons until I
lose complete control over her and release into the
toe of her silky nylons.

Shes so good at teasing me like this that she can
make her teasing last for two hours or more.

The feeling becomes more and more intense as I
become more sensitive.

She giggles and tells me everywhere shes worn them
and what she was wearing with her nylons.

Loves to tell me how silky her nylons are and how much
she hopes that the silkiness of her nylons is tickling me.

Drives my crazy and I love her for it.

Needless to say the toe of her nylons ends up pretty
messy after all that delicate teasing.

The way it works is quite simple, she slips off her nylons
and gathers up one leg, sliding it down the length of me
and slips the excess leg at the base under my balls so the
leg clings gently to my shaft.

She then wraps the other leg around it lightly like a loose
bandage. She takes the wrapped leg in her hand softly and slides
it up and down against the leg that is stretched over me and I can
feel how silky, soft and sheer they are as she strokes me with them
slowly and lightly.

She never squeezes she simply lets the silkiness of her nylons
act as the lubrication. They slip and slide against each other very
sweetly causing that silky sweet friction I mentioned earlier.

That silky sweet friction is what creates that intense tickling
sensation all the way through me. A feeling that gets sweeter and
sweeter the longer she teases me with her nylons.

It starts at the tip and travels all the way to the base and she slowly
slides her nylons all the way up then down against me so delicately
and gently.

Very hard to take after a while because of how intense and sweet
the silky soft sensation becomes. And knowing that shes been wearing
these on her legs for me looking really sexy.

Truly a mind blowing bit of sensuality.

Weve experimented using some of her other friends nylons. She asks
them for their old nylons and uses them on me showing me selfies with
them wearing their nylons while she teases me with them.

We have also ordered nylons from online models, she wears them as well
for a day or two then uses them on me. She talks about how they both wore
the same nylons knowing it turns me on like crazy.

She has a devilishly sexy mind and knows how to express her femininity
very sensually.

I'm always searching for worn nylons from online models.
Who knows, I may just ask you for your nylons if I like what I see
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