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"Goofy movie skit and great humiliation because its ridiculous."

Download: SS19 Scene 3
Amazing, a stupid skit with a model pretending to march and act out a movie scene while taking pies. Nuff said. I loved the monotone reaction on her face through most of it. You guys will love this one if you like models making a fool of themselves. It's pretty ridiculous.

Wanja 6/15/22
"Tap dancing model takes pies while being a goofball."

Download: SS78 Scene 2
Comedy, acting, yada yada. Yeah yeah. Us humiliation fans know why we're here. Producer does another fantastic job at getting a model to look a idiot while taking messy pies. If you're part of the humiliation crowd you will like this. Not many clips left of models doing purely silly stuff like this. She had fun but she still looks goofy. Great humiliation. And the tap dancing pushes it over the edge. Again, you like seeing models look dumb on cam this is it. Muhahahaha.

Wanja 6/15/22
"Model in goofy costume looks stupid as she takes pies to the face"

Download: SS32 Scene 3
You wont get too much out of this scene if you're heavy hitter fan like me. Rich lays 'em on her but nothing of note. The best part of this one though is shes in a humiliating bee costume taking pies. A great goofy clip to watch as a quite cute model makes a fool of herself. Muhahahahah.

Wanja 6/15/22
"Pies and great shots."
Wow! I love the force behind the pies in this one. He shows no mercy with back to back pies hammering Sunni. The best part is how she giggles inbetween each one but it feels like its a way to cope with the humiliating onslaught.

Wanja 6/15/22
"Lili passively takes all the slop."

Download: The Supply Room
The way Lili takes that slop is great. The inequality for most the clip is good too. Acting is superb as well.

Wanja 6/15/22
"Weak pies but good host."
Had potential but the pies are soooo weak. Was frustrating watched the host put the pie in the models face with the force of a kitten. Model barely cared. Tragic. Host is good though.

Wanja 6/15/22
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