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I like to see women getting all wet/messy in nylon shorts, jackets, winter coats. tried it myself with my wife, unfortunately did not like it, but my wife loved it so she does a lot of wam for me. fantastic..

I started with this fetish, probably in High School in early 90s, fashion at that time was all rain/nylon/shower type jackets and seeing the girls in their short skirts and the way thet wore the jacket tied up at the waist or mid-rif. I think the part that really turned me on, was when it was someones birthday, they would get egged&floured and anything that was made in Home-economics that was not solid. was great to see the girls getting completely covered and the jacket going in an instant from looking nice and clean to a complete slime wave.

Now my wife lets me do similar things to her, but mostly with bubblebath/showergel/cream/custard. She poured custard over me once, luckily i had my hood up as it was , sorry to say, horrible, feeling it run down and it felt heavy too. Im a watcher rather than an anticipator.
So thats all about how my fetish started...
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From Rainwearmess  1/30/15
Great profile ! Right up my street
From ioker2  7/5/14
hey, i love your collection of shiny shorts photos! Thanks for sharing! Working on getting my girlfriend into it at the moment... at least she is open for trying out what i like...
From adidas_chik  9/20/13
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