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A pie in the face is worth two in the hand.
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I've been into WAM for as long as I can remember, and completely blame Nickelodeon for it. I always wanted to be on one of their gameshows and get completely engulfed in their glorious green goo and/or take a pie or two. My first spark was What Would You Do, which is one of the earliest things I can remember seeing on Nick. Figure It Out fanned the flames even further, and then Slime Time Live locked me in for good. It still sort of hurts to this day that I never got the chance with any of them, particularly stl since I was in the correct age range for participating when it was on. Still, as much as I love the classic green slime and how much of it the Slimeulator absolutely drenched the occupant in, I think I'd still take a trip to the Pie Pod first, provided I was promised perfect aim by the pies and the especially the Crowning Glory. The Pie Pod was my first exposure, after all, and it will always have that special sweet spot, even if it isn't the overall messiest in absolute terms.

One day I discovered I was far from alone in this thanks to the modern marvel we call the internet. I've mostly avoided sites like this and stuck to indulging in whatever I come across on YouTube, but I thought I'd finally give this part of my psyche a shot to communicate with some like minded folks.

I enjoy both giving and receiving mess, and while it is indeed a fetish and therefore sexual in nature, my enjoyment of WAM is in the fun of being messy for its own sake. Much like the TV shows that got me hooked in the first place, I prefer my WAM clothed and platonic, although I can certainly enjoy a sexier scene sometimes too.
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Welcome to the site, I hope you like being here
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