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~I love being in sticky situations~
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Hello! I go by Cat. I am 22 years old and I am a trans female! I've had a secret love for messy things since I was able to understand what arousal was. I simply just enjoy being covered and smothered in sweet and messy things. Chocolate, whipped cream, cake batter, it's all too fun. I've only had the opportunity to play in a few things a few times, but I hope to expand my horizons soon! <3

Join my discord! Come talk with me and others about anything and everything

non-lewd things: I'm a cosplayer! I have been cosplaying for about 5 years now and love becoming other characters. I travel all along the east coast to meet wonderful people. It's too much fun!

I am very friendly and love meeting/talking to new people. Come introduce yourself to me!
missmilkykitty is my girlfriend! She will be joining me in my wam adventures and doing some of her own! <3 She's not as into it as I am, but I'm bringing her to the mess ;3

Please follow before adding me if you will I love friends but following will allow me to show you my messy content!
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From MessyCleo  8/18/18
congrats on being wotd!
From MudSlogger  8/18/18
From MessyKiitten  8/18/18
First day back and i'm WOTD! Thank you so much!...
From MessyKiitten  8/17/18
I'm back! Tonight I'm a cute clown with Brownie Batter!
From MessyKiitten  6/3/18
Back again! Cake makes a return!
From MudSlogger  5/28/18
Cosplay and WAM is such a great combination ;) Ever thought of getting some cute costumes muddy?
From horslvr  5/27/18
i love your profile i love all your pics i couldnt find yourbut i did send a friends request on discord
From MessyKiitten  5/21/18
On a small hiatus until I can get more messy things!...
From MessyKiitten  5/18/18
WOTD again! Thank you guys so much! Cake photos posted
From MessyKiitten  5/16/18
Cake didn’t come will ty again tomorrow. Sorry guys!
From MessyKiitten  5/16/18
Cake mix came in today will post photos later tonight! &#
From MessyKiitten  5/15/18
From jurning  5/14/18
Congrats being WOTD !!!!!
From MessyKiitten  5/14/18
#2 on the site and WOTD again Thank you all so much!...
From BigSam  5/13/18
Hi, I've been producing Splosh vids for about 10 years now in Wilmington. If you need a cameraman or a place to film let me know!
From slimeman06790  5/13/18
Congrats on WOTD
From MessyKiitten  5/13/18
Oh my goodness! Thank you all for helping me get WOTD!...
From MessyCleo  5/13/18
Congrats on being WOTD!!
From MessyKiitten  5/12/18
New photos are up! Go give them lots of love! So much fluff
From MessyKiitten  5/11/18
Today’s the day! Who’s ready for fluff? 👏🏻
From muddoug  5/11/18
I'm a WAM producer in eastern NC. Get in touch if you're interested in working together and you're not too far away. Welcome to UMD!
From MessyKiitten  5/8/18
Bought some fluff today! Friday will be fun...
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