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I love pies, slime and clowning, individually or combined. The more over-the-top and ridiculously slapsticky, the better. More of a receiver than a giver. Always willing to chat, hit me up if we have mutual interests.

A while ago I wrote a bit of WAM fiction about my specific interests. If that sounds appealing to you, please check out the link below, and give me feedback! Maybe I'll write more some day.
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From clownpies  4/22/17
New status: In need of pie!
From darkduck  8/9/15
Thanks for the love. I see you are also a fan of gloves. What sort are your preference?
From Ariel  5/23/14
Thanks for the fr I have another clown girl video to put up soon with 3 clown girls. It's my fave one we've done so far.
From melanie_pie  5/18/14
thanks for the add
From piesub  4/20/14
Happy to friend clownpies! Where is your avatar picture from? Are there more?!I love her! And what she might do to me with that pie! Cheers ;-D
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