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I'm up all night to get muckkkyyyy
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, beans, lube, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, gel, messy, quicksand, cheese, methylcellulose, shaving cream, chocolate
About me:
Young guy with a particular fetish for adidas clothing, especially retro or vintage styles.

I enjoy getting my clothes wet or messy, whether sports gear, street clothes or smarter.

I'm not into doing things naked - spoiling the clothes (and the anticipation!) is a really big part of the fun for me.

But my clothes need to clean up okay afterwards - I'd like to enjoy it with them all over again another time!

I'm here for a bit of fun & to escape for a little while. I otherwise lead a 'normal' life which I like to keep separate from all this mess...

Please let me repeat for those who didn't notice: I'm really not into doing things naked!!


Always very happy to chat

To use the 'chat' thingy you need to check the 'private chat' option in your 'preferences' section of your profile.

If you're having trouble getting the private chat thingy to work for you on a phone or tablet, theres an option to 'show private chatbar on mobile device' in the 'display prefs' bit of your 'preferences' section... Try that!

I just get very frustrated when people start off talking then just stop in mid conversation. Please don't do that!


>> How about a messy online game?
>>> Battleships, tic tac toe, rock paper scissors or you suggest...
>>>> Looser has to pour something down their boxers - or their neck - water - or something worse! Custard? Gravy?
>>>>> A different twist would be for the winner to get it rather than the looser?
>>>>>> Just make sure your outfit is something extra nice - after all - it's all in the anticipation of getting it spoilt!
>>>>>>> I might even let you pick what I wear - if you ask nicely!!
>>>>>>>> Play live on cam to see your opponent squirm as the stuff goes in!


I am not looking to meet anyone at present.

I am rather shy & value my privacy - so no face cam sorry, & no I won't be meeting up to get messy.

If I've accidently posted a pic that belongs to you, please let me know & I'll remove it of course.


"I'm up all night to get muckkkyyy!!"

As Bart would say: "Mess my shorts!!"
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From adidas  27 days ago
yayyyy! Come on England!!
From adidas  5/27/18
Amazing thunderstorm this morning!
From adidas  5/20/18
Congrats to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex!
From adidas  5/13/18
Congrats to Israel winning Eurovision Song Contest!
From adidas  5/12/18
Enjoy Eurovision tonite!
From adidas  3/12/18
"Messy battleships anyone...?"
From adidas  3/10/18
Messy games anyone...?
From adidas  2/10/18
Please dont friend request unless you actually chat
From adidas  1/27/18
Messy games...?
From adidas  1/27/18
Anyone want to chat?
From adidas  1/7/18
New status: Messss my shorts...?
From adidas  10/8/17
New status: Enjoy chatting..!
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