South Bend, IN
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Stay happy, healthy, horny, and messy.
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
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Am an incorrigible gunger, pie-thrower, and feet tickler. Gentle and affectionate (yes, it's compatible with the scene, and can be done, quite effectively - by following the basic murmur of the heart as well as the swelling of the penis, gentlemen), shared fantasy, spectating, and/or role-play involving my discovering you're either embarrassed, aroused, reduced to laughter (any one, two, or all three) by and through having your feet tickled, resulting in my teaching you a messy "lesson" for having such a "weakness" (both enhanced by verbal teasing).

Did you see the definitive mud wrestling scene in the movie, "Cabaret"? Joel Grey as the emcee: "Schlick (as in, "strictly muddy") rules will be obeyed!" - as he dips his hand into the mud, drips it from his fingers, and grins wickedly. ;- ) Two willing participants, a wrestling ring with a deep, black (oh, yeah!), not brown, mud floor, and a devilish emcee brandishing a large, full seltzer bottle to add considerable "insult" to "injury" (oh, yeah!!!) - for what more can one ask? (Okay, so it was between two women in the movie - but not in MY randy brain, which played reveille to something about twelve inches lower - ah, the revelations of adolescence.) The exhibitionism, the mud-and-spritz humiliation, the jeering laughter of the onlookers...damn, I need a cigarette, and I don't smoke). So far, only a spectator who's dreamed of being a participant with a compatible partner, replete with our own seltzer-bottle-brandishing emcee. Also would love to sit in a dunk booth, as the willing "victim" - barefoot, of course - but fully clothed, forced to "take it like a good sport" yet again against the dead-eye, throwing-arm aim of a sweetly merciless male (shades of the "Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation" episode of "I Love Lucy," only via a dunk booth and without Ricky's provocative song choices - hey, if it makes the kids laugh and/or is for charity, so much the better). Would love to reciprocate in kind, but all in summer, please - brrrrrr! (By the way, "Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation" is a video blueprint on how I gunge and pie someone - anyone out there who wants to gamble on a sneakily presumed trip to Hawaii?).

Most of all, looking to make and know new friends with a shared (but hardly "common" - we're special, guys - interest).
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