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I'm a working professional in southern California who values his privacy. I drink 5 cups of coffee a day, listen to a non-stop stream of heavy-metal music, and am what most people describe as "intense". I am fueled by 121 gigawatts and have only one speed: 88 mph.

As for my WAM history, I realized around the age of 3 that seeing girls humiliated with pies or slime on TV made me feel funny (I was probably a little young to be watching ycdtotv). A little later while growing up, there was a girl that lived nearby who I had a brief crush on that used to play messy and degrading pranks on people (me included). When puberty hit, I found myself blushing or getting aroused whenever a guy would get humiliated with mess in front of a woman, or whenever a woman would get humiliated with mess. After discovering Messygirl, Star and Max, and a few other wamers in the late 90's, I knew that I had a kink and would lurk on the UMD from time to time. Now that I'm in my 30's, I've finally accepted my fetish and am now completely comfortable with my sexual quirks.

What do I like about wam?

i'm mostly into the humiliation element of WAM and I have an affinity for both humiliating and being humiliated, especially with pies. Ultimately, I'm in an open marriage to a sadist, so I'm the one who gets pied and slimed in our relationship (albeit rarely).

What do I hope to get out of the umd?

friends - I would like to meet like minded people who want to discuss the practical elements of WAM, such as how to play cheaply, how to clean up easily, WAM ideas, etc.

Play partners - My wife would like to make friends with women or couples who would get enjoyment from using me as a pie and gunge target. Also, I have never pied or gunged someone, but would like to find a nice lady who would like to be mercilessly pied and gunged (with my wife's permission of course). Given the nature of my relationship with my wife, this is not something she will ever let me do to her.
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