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13 ½ years
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applesauce, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans, fruit
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I was the night shift maintenance guy at a soft ice-cream store.

At night I thawed and emptied the ice cream machines and rebuilt them.
There was a woman who came in to clean the restaurant and front counter.
Her duty was to empty and clean the syrup pots that were used for
sundaes and banana splits.
One night I had a machine blocking the kitchen door and Debbie had a
syrup pot full of strawberry syrup in her hands. She expected the door
to swing open when she bumped it but the machine stopped the door
suddenly.I heard a crash and when I got the door open. I saw Debbie
sitting on the floor and her nice white uniform was covered from her
neck down to her knees with red syrup. I chuckled a little and Debbie
was understandably mad at me.

She went to clean up as best she could and finish her shift. I kept
looking at the red stuff down her front and got very turned on.

While I was fixing a pipe under the sink, Debbie got her revenge by
dumping a full pot of butterscotch syrup in my lap. I got up and
grabbed her and held her down and smeared the butterscotch syrup all
over her. I then took a 5 gallon pale of thawed ice cream and poured
it over her head.

She wiped herself off but only managed to spread the goo all over.
I was visibly turned on and when she saw my pants were bulging she
grabbed me down there. I pushed her down and slid around on her now
slippery body. The sticky yet slippery goo was great feeling as we proceded to have sex right there in the puddle of goo!

To this day, I've wanted to do it again and that's why I'm posting...I prefer older and full Figure ladies But if you are interested let me know
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PBandJ001  6/4/15
New status: I REALY need to get messyReport
PBandJ001  6/4/15
New status: I REALY nedd to get messyReport
PBandJ001  5/8/15
New status: Here I sit with my pants full of Peanut butter andReport
PBandJ001  3/19/15
New status: I always get Excited in the Condiment isle )Report
PBandJ001  3/19/15
New status: Every time I have a bowl of Oatmeal or Pour SyrupReport
PBandJ001  3/17/15
New status: Sadly Y Has past on..I will miss Her so much.Report
PBandJ001  3/17/15
New status: Sadly she Has past on..I will miss Her so much...Report
PBandJ001  3/17/15
New status: Sadly She had past on...Report
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