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Jul 1
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applesauce, lather, batter, beans, messy, glue, goo, gunge, spaghetti, mud, oatmeal, eggs, bikinis, nudity, tight clothes, jeans, uniforms, sneakers, curly hair, hazel eyes
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Well hello people of UMD! Its an honor and a pleasure to get to know you all! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is *%*#&% %*^&#!*&, but you can all call me ParanoidLost! ^-^

I am -- in my own humble opinion -- a smorgasbord: a writer, a geek, a bibliophile, a music lover, a film nut, somewhat of an otaku (but I guess that counts as being a geek!), and a bit of a naughty kitten! I wuv being cute and adorable, so I may sometimes talk like a kitten! If that's annoying to you....oh well! Hehehe! Meow!

I'm a 20 year old (ah, youth!) male kitten and still a sploshing virgin (but that's not the ONLY kinda virgin I am! ;) ), hoping to step outta this nervous shell of sploshing and just "dive right in"!

Ah, well, that's enough about me, eh? If you ever wanna chat, or be friends or whatever, send me a message or a friend request! Oh yeah! And feel free to shoot me a message if you see me in the Hangout! I respond to any and everyone! Even if you DON'T see me in the Hangout, send me a PM anyway, mmkay?

Until then, ciao!
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