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We are shameless fuck pigs and WE openly GO """buck ass naked :::

Please mind everyone...we are not slave and master...or...master and slave.
We are just an everyday married couple who loves being complete horny naked fuck pig's
That being said...we do have a collar and when we decide who wears it is done by a throw of a coin and who calls heads or tails... : )
For one of us to wear it means we love our mate and they are ...proudly ours.

We are Christi and Alexis who are two married horny pig's. We do not wear clothes and we love to suck, fuck, masturbate and make ourselfs and each other ejaculate for all to see. Out society says porn is the most filthy, vulgar and degrading form of entertainment there is and that women and men are coaxed into doing it because it is in style and cool and soon turned into shameless sluts who are happy to entertain others as they wallow in a slop filled pool of fornication We both love being the sluts that we are and enjoy exploiting and degrading each other as much as possible.

We both despise wearing clothes and are proud to strut around buck naked so other horny people can enjoy seeing us. As far as we are concerned going naked is in style and feels sooooo good. After 17+ years of going naked we still can't get enough of seeing each other with tit's flopping and smacking together, asses shaking freely, cunts and cocks proudly exposed and barefeet on the ground.

"When we met 17+ years ago at work and quickly discovered what complete sluts we both were we could not get our clothes off fast enough and get our naked bodies fucked together. It was a Saturday and very few people at work, summer time and a huge field behind the building plus the fact we were located in the middle of nowhere. I remember the trail of clothes till we got far enough out and I just rolled down and spread my legs and said lets fornicate like animals baby. I was sooooooo wet and Alexis was so fucking hard and he just slid right into my cunt till he was balls deep and started rutting in and out of me and it felt so good. My ass was bouncing and legs waving wildly in the air and I was feeding him my tit's as fast as he could suck one and go to the other. We both blew our loads twice, found all of our clothes and swore to start again after work. After work we went to his place which had a private enclosed backyard and pool and he told me he was a nudist and never wore clothes at home or in the backyard. Fuck ME !!! a guy would loves to fuck...has a nice big fuck stick and doesn't wear clothes. We were married two months later and I was throwing clothes in the trash and taking the good ones to Goodwill. No reason to have them if your not going to wear them. I just kept my work clothes and the slutty clothes I had and was fine.

Some people are obsessed with letting others watch them playing tennis, others football. Then there are those of us who are obsessed with being completely naked with smiles on our faces and letting people watch us fuck. Both of us are overwhelmingly compelled to be a complete disgrace to common society and openly degrade ourself's to the level of complete shameless slut's.

After 18 years we are still going buck ass naked and fucking like horny pigs.

Why should we bother wearing clothes when we live way out in the country and have no neighbors ??????

It feels sooooooooooooooooo good to walk out our front door buck ass naked with tits flopping and slapping bare ass shaking freely and bare feet on the ground.
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mayabrikosov2017  11/6/19
hi we are a messy and muddy couple from Russia love your photosReport
buttwipe  1/23/19
Love to see any videos of you both fucking naked in the mudReport
nakedandbarefoot  2/11/18
Clothes are so over rated Going naked is a fashion statementReport
nakedandbarefoot  11/12/17
New status: We go naked. Do you?Report
nakedmudlover  10/27/17
You are one very lucky couple to have found each other. I am so jealous of your lifestyle which was robbed of me and my 1st wife by a so called best friend. We too had a secluded property where we roamed free and unrestricted and we had naked, sexy get togethers with like friends. That was all before the digital revolution, so no pictures I am sorry yo say. Please keep posting pictures and Happy Fucking and Masturbating.Report
moremess  10/16/17
Christi can we be friendsReport
nakedmudlover  9/28/17
Christi I was going to ask, do you masturbate and wank a lot; but your intro answers that. I presume you also have friends that join in from time to time since there is one picture with you being fucked by two men. So you like anal too? Great, how often does that happen? You're a very lucky couple.Report
nakedandbarefoot  8/20/17
New status: I am naked...are you???Report
nakedandbarefoot  8/13/17
New status: I feel like fucking all dayReport
nakedandbarefoot  7/24/17
New status: Going naked is so cool !!!!Report
nakedandbarefoot  7/17/17
New status: I love being a horny slutReport
Paolo78Italia  3/23/14
Grazie per aver accettato la mia richiesta d'amicizia... Bellissime le tue foto!!Report
cw7au  1/30/11
do you ever get painted?Report
slipperysmooth  9/2/10
Great profile! 45 acres to do what you want ... sounds like utopia!Report
muddoug  7/9/10
Sounds like you know how to live! I hope you both are enjoying your summer.Report
untguy  4/18/09
Just saying hi, looking for more wam fans in TX Report
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