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Hello, I am searching for men who have a nice head of hair. I would like someone who is willing to create hair play based content. A list of specifications will be provided below.

There are multiple levels to the hair play content. I am open and willing to discuss whichever of the levels can be provided. I understand that this will likely result in getting content from multiple sources.

I also want to extend an invitation to any men who are interested in exploring hair play content further and would be interested in creating hair play content on a long-term basis, if all works out initially. Please open a discussion, if you are interested.

For all levels of hair play content, there is no specific hair length or type that is necessary. Long hair of any type is a bonus, but do not feel obligated to that. All products that become necessary for creating the content will be whatever you have at your disposal. There will be no mandatory products.

Level One (01) - Non-Sexual Hair Play

This will be exclusive to very basic hair play. This is including brushing, combing, conditioning, massaging, pulling, rubbing, shampooing, slicking, and touching. Nothing more will be required at this level.

A Sidenote on Slicking: Slicking is applying products to the hair and brushing, combing, or styling it. The types of products will include hair butters, creams, gels, greases, mousses, pastes, pomades, oils, etc.

Level Two (02) - Sexual Hair Play

This will include everything through Level 1 with sexual activities included. The sexual activities will be basic things such as playing with the hair while performing anal or oral sex. It might also include masturbation and applying semen to the hair. This level may be discussed further.

Level Three (03) - Raunchy Hair Play

This will include everything through Levels 1 and 2 with very dirty or messy activities included. The raunchy activities might be applying various food products to the hair and slicking it similar to gunge. It might also be applying any type of bodily discharge to the hair (i.e., feces, saliva, urine, etc.). It could also be dunking the hair in the toilet, performing swirlies, and washing it in the toilet.

Level Four (04) - Kinky Hair Play

This will include everything through Levels 1, 2, and 3 with creative or kinky activities included. The kinky activities might be making creative hair styles and using the hair in as a multi-use object. The multiple uses might be utilizing the hair as a bondage restraint, mop, napkin, paint brush, rag, tissue, toilet paper, towel, etc.

An example of a creative or kinky use is laying the head over an oil pan and placing the hair in it. Then, allowing the oil to drip down on it while changing the oil in the car. All creative or kinky ideas are most welcome.


I understand that there are various comfort zones, which is why I have created these different levels. I want to explore all of them, but I am open to doing so with whomever is willing to engage. Thank you for taking the time to peruse this advertisement. Please ask any questions as they arise.
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