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10 years
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Mar 29
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
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food, cake, messy, chocolate, slime, gunge, ice cream, custard
About Me:
Long time love of Wam. Started in my mid teens wishing I could be on old TV shows like Live & Kicking, Saturday Show, NHP etc and longing to be the one sitting in the gunge tank rather than the person on the TV.

I started as I said in my teens, somewhere near the end of high school. Simply started with looking up pics of scantly clad women (but actually didn't like seen anyone nude), watching videos of gameshow segments that included gunge in some form, reading messy stories in the storry archive of ecgunge.

I soon found out that a thing called WAM existed and it was called a fetish. I've yet to understand the appeal of wetlook side of WAM, but each to their own.

As of late I've become more active on sites such as UMD and reading countless stories on wamstoryarchive.

Would love to experience a meet and splosh session to enjoy the experience of having someone other than myself make me messy from head to toe as well as giving me an opportunity to pour lots of mess over someone else for the fun of it.

Though this is not for quite some time and may only be a once a year special event so wish to meet similarly minded people local to me which after a quick look around, I'm happy Scotland isn't too sparse of Wammers.

I'm also a fan of costume orchestrated plays, well I fantasise about all this as I've never had a female to have such fun with in my life.

I want to meet lots of people, get together as a group or individually. I'm very open to any messages but I must stress, I am very much straight so any participation with other men only goes as far as meeting and possibly getting messing at the same meet/event.
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