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Muddy Cocoon
Added 4/19/18    610 views
This is one of 3 videos shot on 4/13/2018 in the swamp. For no apparent reason, Doug spreads out this sheet of muddy plastic on the mud (it got muddy in another clip), and rolls his body so the plastic sheeting wraps around him. This was done as an...
Messy Masturbation
Added 3/9/18    686 views
This is the third video from Feb 24, 2018. This clip opens after Doug has been immersed in sloppy muck and now he is lying back on the mud and pleasuring himself. He starts out, rubbing his cock through his latex briefs. Then he liberates his cock an...
Mud Appreciation Day
Added 11/13/17    988 views
Doug has been away from the swamp for too long and this is his chance to just enjoy the feeling of the mud on his body. He crawls out onto the mud, wearing sexy black briefs, and nothing else. He sinks down into the thick mud, then lays back and pull...
Masturbating in the Swamp
Added 8/23/17    924 views
This is a pretty simple clip. Doug is lying on his back, partially immersed in soft, swamp mud. He rubs his crotch and strokes his cock until he cums in a loud orgasm.
Muddy Pleasures
Added 5/23/17    3827 views
Wearing only a black thong with a zipper through the crotch, Doug displays his clean body for a minute before lowering himself into a tub of mud. There are 2 great camera angles and one, overhead angle that is not as good. Doug gets covered in mud, p...
Mid-April Mud Bath
Added 4/18/17    1473 views
In this clip, Doug strips off his shorts and his Speedos, slathers baby oil on his cock, and takes an erotic naked mud bath. He spends a few minutes, stroking his oily cock before he goes for a messy wallow in a 100 gallon vat of black mud, playing w...
Mud Torment
Added 4/6/17    1484 views
Wearing only a red Speedo, Doug is winched up by his ankles with his wrists bound behind his back and cuffed to his genitals. He is then lowered into a vat of black mud until his head is completely engulfed by the mud. After struggling for a while,...
Masturbation in Thick Mud
Added 8/13/16    2515 views
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Doug lays back in the thick mud, wearing only a thong with a built in cock ring and ball splitter. He proceeds to work his body into the mud while slowly bringing himself to climax.
Mud, Rope, Orgasm
Added 6/18/16    1612 views
This clip opens with some nice shots of the latex briefs as Doug takes a minute to play with himself before sinking deeper into the thick, black swamp mud. He then kicks back and uses the free end of the rope tied around his cock and balls to tie hi...

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