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A Sinking Predicament
Added 3/22/18    579 views
Doug (barefooted, wearing only shiny latex briefs), is suspended over a pit by his wrists. His ankles are tied in front of him so he cannot stand. There is a rope from his genitals, down through a ring at the bottom of the mud pit, back up to a doubl...
A Muddy End
Added 2/24/18    587 views
Wearing only latex briefs, Doug walks into a very deep mud-hole. He struggles to stay afloat, but eventually loses his battle with the hungry mud and goes under. A few bubbles emerge and the mud pulsates, but Doug is gone.
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A Faceful of Mud
Added 2/16/18    742 views
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Doug is bound, wrists and ankles, between 2 trees, on his back. He cannot escape, or turn over to avoid the repeated dousing he receives, as cold, black mud is poured over his body and face.
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A Fate Worse Than Death
Added 6/2/11    3425 views
The scene opens with our guy jumping into the creek, wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt, with his ankles shackled. He runs through the water, getting completely soaked, and climbs out a couple of times. After a couple minutes, he leaves the cr...

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