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Sharon the Silly Bus Driver NHP Gunging
Added 6/4/17    1308 views

Sharon the silly bus driver agrees to go against Bad Noel Edmonds impersonator in version of old Noel's house party gunge vote, and despite the odds Bad Noel Edmonds impersonator wins the vote and Sharon has to go in the gungetank to get green gungin...
Maria Noel's House Party Gunge Vote Gunging
Added 12/22/16    3305 views

517.2 MB
Maria (A London Bus driver), goes head to head against Bad Noel Edmonds Impersonator in version of old Noel's House Party gunge vote phone in. Despite the odds and Bad Noel Edmonds impersonator's terrible reasons why he should avoid the gungetank, he...
Get Mucky with Roxy and Kacie
Added 9/5/16    3057 views

Roxy and Kacie go head to head in version of 80s Saturday morning gameshow "Get Mucky," from Get Fresh. Filmed from 3 cameras, all High Definition and gungings repeated at end in succession and one in slow motion repeated of the main camera gunging....
Cement Gungetank 5
Added 5/13/16    8688 views

139.91 MB
Model Kacie James finally get's fed up with modelling so decides to gamble her life on Cement or Fortune. Will She win a million pounds or become Dr Gunge's latest victim and get the pretend Cement Truck gunging. Filmed on the same day as Cement Gu...
Bundle: The Gunge Tank 2
Added 12/1/14    9041 views
Bundle price:
Originally $41.96

Volume 2 of downloads involving the gungetank. This time including Cement Gungetank 2 and 3 and Cement Gungetank 4 50/50 with Dr Gunge. My Cement Gunge Tank Gameshow video fantasies is where you can win a million pounds or get covered in pretend (d...
Tar Gungetank Gunging 1
Added 11/23/14    10271 views

42.67 MB
1 review!
New gameshow called "You shouldn't be so greedy" where contestant can gamble for 300.000 pounds as Roxy did with an A or B question but if wrong get gunged but with a twist, 2 out of 10 gungings contain deadly gungings either pretend cement or tar a...
Cement Gunge Tank 4: 50/50
Added 6/21/14    15960 views

285.15 MB
3 reviews!
Cement or Fortune is back in Cement Gunge Tank 4 except with a twist. Following angry letters from feminists on the fate of his previous contestants Sharron and Lexi, Dr Gunge comes up with new version where the winner is responsible for cementing t...
Cement Gunge Tank 3
Added 3/26/14    7920 views

90.54 MB
Third of my Cement Gunge Tank Gameshow video fantasies where you can win a million pounds or get covered in pretend (deadly) Cement called Cement or Fortune. It is filmed from 4 cameras, 2 of which are in High Definition including 1 in the tank, all...
Cement Gunge Tank 2 with Dr. Gunge
Added 3/13/14    7306 views

Second of my Cement Gunge Tank Gameshow video fantasies where you can win a million pounds or get covered in pretend (deadly) Cement. Cement or Fortune is Hosted by and Introducing my new character Dr Gunge, a new rival to Mudfinger in the world of...
Bundle: The Gunge Tank
Added 11/23/13    8362 views
Bundle price:
Originally $34.00

Bundle includes cement gunge tank 1, The Sludger (Yes 4 cameras, you heard it!) and get mucky gunge tank. The Sludger is the first to use studio lighting equipment and it shows a substantial improvement on the earlier ones.
Get Mucky Gungetank
Added 11/16/13    6833 views

26.72 MB
Gungetank version of 80s Saturday morning tv show Get Mucky from the programme Get fresh with super long super thick green gunging. Filmed from 2 cameras with nearer and closer shots. Get mucky was a segment of Saturday morning show get fresh from...
Sludger Gunge Tank Gameshow
Added 11/15/13    6283 views

547 MB
Mock tv gameshow The Sludger where a contestant will risk getting covered in the sludger, sewage from a cracked sewage pipe or in this case Self raising flour with yellow and brown paint mixed together for 300 pounds, a bit like the old wudja cudja...
Cement Gunge Tank 1
Added 6/27/13    8468 views

161.21 MB
My first proper gungetank scene with grey pretend cement based on my idea of a high risk Saturday night gameshow where you can either win a million pounds or get covered in cement. Filmed from 2 cameras with the main gunging repeated, and an unusual...
Cement Gunging Fantasy
Added 9/15/12    8259 views

28.23 MB
Fantasy gunging of women sitting under cement truck with bucket of grey gunge to look like cement and repeated to help envisage a scene of women kidnapped by an evil comic book type character and his evil mistress accomplice with the cement constantl...

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