Ugg Boots, Leggings and Bikini Top in the Deep Mud Pit

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"Brooke goes wallowing in gooey, thick, creamy mud and ruins her Ugg boots"
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Brooke wants to wear a very unique piece of footwear in the mud as she wants to enhance that suction and stuck feeling she gets when she slowly walks out into the deep, thick mud pit. She can't think of a better shoe for the job than a pair of Ugg boots! Brooke imagines that the heavy boots with the famous fluffy tops will absorb moisture and mud super quickly and the entire boot will flood full of wonderful, gooey clay as soon as her leg is sucked down below the boot line. Brooke has some pristine, light tan coloured Ugg boots that extend up to her calf. She wears skin tight Lycra gym leggings to hug her legs and not detract from the silhouette of the beautiful boots. Brooke finishes her outfit with a bikini top, done up nice and tight so it really emphasises her big DD tits. Brooke slowly and cautiously walks into the mud pit, the soft mud holds firm at first but with each step a little more of her beautiful Ugg boots starts to disappear as its sucked down into the thick clay.

Then all of a sudden Brookes leg sinks quickly down into the mud, her Ugg boot vanishes as she shrieks with surprise and excitement, Brooke very quickly realises the mud is perfect today and she is in for an amazing session of wallowing in her favourite public mud pit!

Brooke tries to pull her leg out of the mud as she has ended up with the mud above her knee and still sinking! Brooke looks at the camera half panicked and half excited as she states "I'm stuck!." Brooke has to physically dig her Ugg boots out of the mud, pulling big handfuls of clay out as she frees her leg finally.

Now Brooke crawls out deeper into the mud pit, crawling on her hands and knees, her hands sinking down to her elbow and her legs disappearing under the mud. Her Uggs are now completely covered in creamy, gooey clay but the distinctive shape of the boot can still be seen. Brooke wallows and slowly covers herself in the mud, sensually and erotic in her movements, the gooey clay sticks to every inch of her. Brooke pushes he face down into the mud and use both hands to shampoo the thick mud through her beautiful long hair. Brooke is now unrecognisable as she gets more and more mud layering over her head and body. Brooke takes huge handfuls of mud and splats them into her own face in her trademark move that has become so popular with her fans. The 'face splats' happen over and over as she builds the goo on her face and head, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. Brooke pulls down her bikini top revealing her clean breasts, she takes huge enjoyment in rubbing handfuls of mud into her pert DD tits. Brooke then slides off her Uggs revealing her bare feet and she completely covers her feet and toes in creamy clay before sliding her Uggs back on once filled with mud! Brooke finally manages to escape the mud pit and walks away still on camera so you can enjoy how every inch of her and her beautiful Ugg boots are covered in mud!
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Where do you find mud like this is love to get messy in thisReport
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