The Horrible Studio Inspector Gets a Surprise Sploshing!

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"Lottie gets a huge, Humiliating Sploshing that she will never forget!"
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It's time for you all to enjoy this highly anticipated scene that I've been teasing you with since I filmed it back in June, when the beautiful blonde Lottie Layla came to visit!

So this scene has an amazingly talented Lottie playing the part of a posh, stuck up, rude and patronising 'film studio inspector'. She actually gave Brooke a one star rating last year so this time round Brooke is well prepared and is ready to give this horrible inspector the five star Sploshing treatment, even if she doesn't want to get her fancy clothes messy!

Lottie is wearing a gorgeous brown leather pencil skirt, a gold coloured silk blouse, nude heels and a gold necklace. Her hair is styled immaculately and her make up is perfect. There is absolutely no way this posh, arrogant inspector would ever get messy whilst dressed like this and at work! But Mistress Maddison has other ideas and plans to give this inspector exactly the humiliating Sploshing she so very much deserves! Brooke looks like a million dollars, wearing her favourite Messy Mistress outfit. A stunning red PVC and nylon bodice that has a low cut cleavage that can barely contain Brooke's DD tits and a high cut thong that makes Brooke's ass look good enough to eat! Brooke wears black lace and silk stockings and her striking 7 inch stiletto high heels!

The scene starts with the horrible inspector both shocked and overwhelmed by the sight and smell of the mess Brooke has filled her studio with:

Spaghetti bolognaise Tomato Passata Chicken korma

Tikka Marsala sauce

Beef gravy

Golden syrup

Chocolate porridge

Caramel syrup

Mayonnaise Ketchup

Brown sauce

Instant mud

Onion gravy

Rice pudding

Chocolate gateaux

Ice cream

Spaghetti hoops

Baked beans


Macaroni cheese

Black Forest gateaux

Sweet and sour sauce

Tinned spaghetti The Inspector arrogantly struts round the studio and then sits on the infamous Sploshing stool to make her notes. She has no idea what is coming next! Brooke smirks at the camera and then out of nowhere Splat! A Black Forest gateaux is pushed into the inspectors face, she screams as a chocolate gateaux is then pressed onto her head! The inspector gasps and groans, protesting as she is covered in so much mess. A relentless onslaught of every type of food and of course Mistress Maddison loves every second!

After delivering the ultimate humiliation Sploshing to the inspector, Brooke offers her the opportunity to cover her in the remaining mess if it will guarantee her a 5 star studio review! Lottie takes up her offer and delivers a classic Sploshing which starts with her rubbing porridge into Brooke's bum and then slamming a gateaux between her cheeks! Lottie then completely trashes Brooke before the final humiliating act Mistress Maddison has planned! Brooke gets the inspector on her hands and knees in the slop and gets her to head dunk a bucked filled with all the combined foods and then pours the entire slop bucket over their heads!
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funcheezy  26 days ago
Happy to see some messy heels! Report
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