The Ditzy Maid Knows How to Get Paid! ;)
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"This maid dresses sexy to get out of work but it doesnt work this time!"

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Date added:12/19/16
Year produced:2016
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I usually dress ultra cute in all my sexy outfits for the guys I clean house for...that way, I dont really have to do much work...they just get to look ;) Today though, my boss actually wanted me to work! he tried to make me lift boxes and they were way too heavy! I was so whiney but I tried and after grunting and bending over to show off my bottomless panties a whole,whole bunch, I just couldnt lift those I decide to try to seduce him instead with my bottomless panties by bending over and tickling my ass with my cute little bedazzled feather duster...I pout, I beg, I act my absolute cutest...but he still needs help and I am not cut out to lift boxes so, he throws me a sponge and tells me to meet him in the first I sad but then I just agree I am bent over the shower looking at these three buckets of Super colorful, Super sticky, stringy slime and I ask my boss what he wants me to do, as i am bent over, he places his foot on my butt and gives me a little shove into the big shower. He tells me to earn my paycheck, i have to play in this stuff! At first, I do not get it but then, i put my hands in this slime and it is Amazing! it stretches, it coats my hands in color, it is thick but not too heavy, it is super slippery and amazing so i agree! Especially if I am getting paid for this! I think to myself I may get double if I play extra sexy for him, so that is exactly what I do.

I put use the first bucket of purple over my fave part of my outfit, my bottomless panties...

man, it feels so good running down my ass, I rub it all in and spank myself and see the stringy, awesome substance he has made for me. I have one some of my favorite heels to match my underwear too, so i decide to dunk them in this stuff and it is incredible, feeling this stuff just coat and cover and almost swallow my shoes, pulling them out looked amazing! I put both my legs in the air, showing off my ass and my fishnet covered legs that are now getting slime dripping down them from my shoes. I get out the blue and decide immediately to pull out my titties and put the blue slime on them. It is so thick and slow pouring, but feels so amazingly erotic that i decide it is time to take my maid "uniform" off and i strip down to nothing but my fishnet thigh highs, heels and my bottomless panties for more play. I bend over, I lay my pussy in piles of it, humping the floor covered in it, pulling up to show off the sticky, rolling in it, laying on my back, legs in the air i start to masturbate with my feather duster which is completely coated in the substance, making it feel so good on my pussy. I squat down in my heels and grab the bright yellow and pour it over my head, i rub it all over my body as it drips down my big tits, i rub it all over my pussy and ass, i roll and play and masturbate some more. I turn around and pull my panties to my ankles and use my feather duster again on my ass and pussy ;)
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"It always gets better"
By erock  12/31/16

A great proforma nice by Jayce great costume and crotchless pantys what more could you want until late you see what she can do with a father duster..

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