Stinky Bimbo
Produced by thunderwam
Starring the following model:
"Georgina accepts money to take a nasty gunging. Has she made a big mistake!"

File count:2
Total size:609.43 MB
Total runtime:13 mins, 4 secs
Date added:5/01/18
Year produced:2018
Product ID:tw
Scene ID:28280
Georgina has always said that she is a sweet wam girl, having seen films of other ladies taking nasty savoury gungings she is 100% certain that she would never suffer a similar fate. Despite these repeated claims it seems her iron resolve is not quite so strong as she thought. All it takes is a fellow splosh enthusiast to offer some money and Georgina is suddenly considering the unthinkable and agreeing to a humiliating nude stinky gunging.

The deal is very simple. To earn the money Georgina must collect a shopping list or horrible items (fish, dog food, mustard, salad dressings and more) and then mix them in three buckets.

Once the dreaded buckets are mixed Georgina must strip completely naked and give herself a nasty shampoo session with the goo before covering her big tits and ass with the rotten smelling concoctions. The final requirement to win the money is that the video of the punishment must be put up for sale so that others can choose to witness the humiliating destruction of poor Georgie!

The whole sordid affair is captured for your pleasure and includes Georgina filming the mixing of the nasty slop before finally facing her nude comeuppance in a paddling pool.

Will Georgina ever be able to live this one down?

As with all Thunderwam films Georgina shows her full face (and pretty much everything else :p ) in the full film)
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13.1 minutes

"Poor girl gets completely trashed"
By CustardKlein  8/16/18

I nearly had to rate this as horrible, just because of the nastiness of the mess used! Georgie gets a deserved trashing, but even I felt sorry for her as she had those contents tipped over her beautiful naked body. A must have for any savoury fans!

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