Slime Strip or Cash
Produced by Messygirl's Video Vault
Starring these models:
"Jacy and Penelope play a very messy game."

Jacy and Penelope play the game Slime, Strip or Cash. Both girls start out in halter tops and jeans. They select a card from a hat and must do what is printed on it. Each card has cash, slime or strip printed on them. Both girls get completely covered in slime and are nude by the time the game is finished.

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"A masterpiece of playful pleasure!"
This colourful creation is a genuine joy to watch... both Penelope and Jacy are delightful... this twenty-two minute film is the right combination of everything it promises: the right amount of nudity... the right amount of preliminary pleasures (the first seven minutes are worth watching over and over especially if you have a denim fetish)... and the right amount of slime! There's ultimately a lot of slime! The women get messier and messier in the second half (as the game progresses)... frankly the way the different pails of slime flow over their heads and their bodies is magnificent: some great colour combinations! As well, there are little micro-moments of pleasure in this film that add significantly to the voyeur's vicarious viewing adventure... for example, the way the women take turns sitting on the stool to reach into the hat to see what comes next is a lot of fun... Jacy and Penelope really seemed to enjoy being in this one (for example they each took their time choosing what pail to pour over the other's head all part of the fun)... I enjoyed watching their game! Cheers! dapratt49, 6 days ago
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