Orian UV Pink Slime Her First Gunge
Produced by MessyHot
Starring the following model:
File count:2
Total size:644.85 MB
Runtime:18 mins, 30 secs
Scene ID:29690

After having several cake experiences and seeing some of my recent slime work, Orian decided she wanted in on some of the gunge action. We decided to go with the UV reactive pink slime and mixed it up fairly thick. During the time of this shoot she had blue and green hair which were perfectly complimentary to the color of the slime. She strips out of her clothing one-handed because the other was already covered in slime, then climbed into the bath tub to get to work. Starting off slowly at first, she dips her arm in, and then realizing how much she liked the texture, pours some of the bucket over herself. After emptying the entire first bucket, she spends some time sliding around and spinning in the now slick tub.

Deciding to show off the raver nature of this slime and the model being covered in it, we switch to black light, and this time she has an entire bucket poured on her from above until her body, face, and hair are completely covered in the glowing slimy goodness. Again she slides around, trying to treat the tub like a mini skate ramp. She covers not only herself with the sludge, but also does a great job of coating the tub, fluorescing the entire time.

For the next bucked we switch back to normal light, and this time go for full face and hair destruction, pouring it on slowly and making it so at some points she is barely even recognizable. The sputters and spits as she figures out ways to breath through it are quite amusing, and at one point she accidentally blows slime bubbles with her nose. A few buckets of slime in, and we decide to switch gears a little bit and hit her with the shaving cream. It has been my discovery that the textures and colors of the UV slime mix extremely well with shave cream and create an entirely new kind of mess. We go once again for working on rendering her unrecognizable covering her hair, face, ass and then even spend some time on her feet with the white foam. With loads of foam dispensed she begins doing barrel rolls in the bath tub to serve as a mixer for the two substances.

Experimenting further with the texture, she mixes the substances manually, and then picks a bunch up and shampoos her hair with it, working the thick gunge in as deep as possible. It's finally cleanup time and she turns on the water, which as it fills the tub more converts the mixture from pink slime to pink soup. It looks almost like she's in a tub full of pepto bismol.

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