Nikko Painted Mehron by Me! Brushed Body, Pussy and Hair!

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"Nikko Painted by Jayce-Methodically to full coverage-Pussy, Hair and Body"
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Nikko ends up head to toe in mehron, hair saturated so you can Hear it, up close pussy painting, body painting with my brush! Ending with a mehron facial and her whole body covered in mehron. Playing with her extremely saturated hair to hear every single sound her hair makes in the amazing mehron mixture of super high pigment! I make designs on her body first with my small brush. Then? I go POV style painting her hair-giving her a mehron "balayage" as we were calling it. Slowly and methodically I painted her body and her hair. I then painted the bottoms of her cute little petite feet We go super up close to paint her pussy and ass-every fold, every crease-until it is done. She rubs her hands over her body to start rubbing in the designs I made and I am painting her hair. Way up close. You see and hear everything. After that? She grabs the bowl, instructed by me, and pours it over her face-she says "i love this part" as she goes to grab the bowl. She makes sure her hair is saturated as she rubs her body with the mehron and continuously makes her way up to her hair to scrub the mehron into every single strand. Showing it off and taking time to run her hands down her body, play with her amazingly giant tits, bending over and tickling her ass and pussy from behind, and posing while she piles her hair on top of her head and then lets it down and repeats over and over. She is such a sex kitten, even during a fun little girls deal like this we did together. The looks she gives, Her sultry body movements, her laugh, her love of the mess will make you wanna pop! Also in the video you will see: Nikko painting herself with a paintbrush, laid back, open legged twerking, lots of open leg shots, giggling because the paintbrush tickles her, some back and forth talking between us girls about the mehron, how good it looks, how it feels, what we wanna do next, etc. I know that all I wanted to do was rub up against her and get it all over me too! I think you will want to as well
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