Mess the Dress
Produced by Messy Princess's Store
Starring the following model:
"Sissy Silliness--Messy Melody's First-Ever Sploshing"

Melody is initiated with 2 generous pies to the face followed by some rather potent tomato and basil soup, 2 pots of custard, 2 cans of rice pudding and a mixture of single and double cream. All poured over her head and down her pink and frilly dress.

She receives a generous helping of spray foam from several cans covering her entirely making it look like she is wearing a large meringue gown before being set upon with Miss Kitty Bliss' new gunge gun as she is covered head to toe in yellow, blue and pink gloop.

Mistress decides that Melody's underwear and petticoat have got away too lightly and so cuts off her dress to expose her under layers and continues with a barrage of white spray foam and the multi coloured gunge.

To end the buckets remains are tipped over Melody's head.

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