Lauren's Champagne Bath and Hair Wash
Produced by House of Slop
Starring the following model:
"Champagne poured over Laurens long blond hair."

Lauren's Champagne Bath and Hair Washing...

Vid 1: Short trailer with Lauren floating around in her bubble bath.

Vid 2: Another outtake video...Lauren pours champagne over her bubble covered boobs, and reveals them as the cold champagne fizzes over the warm bubbles. Features a out-there zoom moment and a cute cough from Lauren to finish.

Vid 3: The main video starts with a running shower, and having washed away the bubbles from her bath, she proceeds to foam up her body. Lauren pulls open the top of her pants, teasing to reveal the top of her bush, and squirts foam down into her panties. She proceeds to lather up her boobs, tummy and body, before rinsing the foam off with another bottle...Turning round, a near full bottle of champagne is poured all over and through her ass length, long blond hair!...A hair shampooing is next, and then continuing the champagne theme, Lauren grabs a bottle of gloopy fizzy bubble bath for some panty filling. The thick bubble bath overflows and pours over her thong as she presses it against herself...Finally, she gets a pink body jelly and rubs it all over her arms and across her boobies, before she jiggles them up and down from a sexy up shot angle.

File count:2
Total size:953.47 MB
Runtime:13 mins, 18 secs
Product ID:0028
Scene ID:27856
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