Jessica in Dark Wet Mud
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Starring the following model:
"Crazy girl has her first experience with mud!"

Jessica introduces herself, wearing a wide jeans and a pink jacket/vest over a black top. While talking she already begins to sink in the swamp.

After wading about kneedeep, she sits down, her ass getting wet on the toplayer of water. She goes back to the more sucking part and picks up hands of mud to rub on her body. She doesn't forget to put mud in her hair. She is laughing and commenting about the feel of the mud.

She lays flat on her stomach to show her boots, and takes of the sportsjacket.

The uncovered parts of her arms can use some mud as well, and playfully she ends with rubbing the mud in her face. Even tough this is her first time ever, she actually enjoys it! Afterwards we talked a bit about the experience and she said she got a nice feeling, the mud surrounding her made her feel like a naughty kid and now she could do the things she was not allowed to when she was a young girl. In fact, she liked it so much that she asked us if she could do another session ow and then...

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Date added:3/04/11
Year produced:2010
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User comments
From gopher1  7/8/13
Great muddg.. wonderful location... nice jeans ;)
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