Jayces Overalls Filling Bondage Humiliation
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Ariel, pours many messes, savory and sweet, filling jayces fave overalls"

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Date added:12/13/16
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Jayce is wearing her favorite blue jean overalls and her hot pink half shirt underneath along with her pigtails which she think looks so cute! She looooves her overalls so much. Ariel decides to tie Jayce up and Jayce thinks Ariel is just going to do something silly, maybe even lead her to a surprise. Jayce gets a surprise, alright! Ariel begins by having Jayces hands tied around her waist where she cannot wipe her face off. Ariel first lines Jayces overalls in canned whipped topping, making fun of messing up Jayces favorite overalls! She doesnt like Jayces whining so she pies her overalls, making Jayce even more upset so she shuts her up with a big pie to the face! She then turns on the shower and showers off Jayces overalls, giving Jayce the impression that all might be ok...that her overalls May be saved! Jayce is incredibly whiny and sad and cannot believe she has done this to her favorite pair! Jayce thinks she can wash it out, though...but Ariel continues. She tapes the bottoms of Jayces overalls and starts to fill them with all types of ingredients to make a cake! eggs, flour, cake mix, chocolate sauce, oil, the works! She fills them until Jayces legs are heavy at the bottom full of cake mix and Ariel shakes the ingredients up! Jayce is so incredibly sad and complains the whole time about how she cannot believe Ariel is ruining her favorite overalls! Ariel is not finished, though. she pies her overalls, and then remembers she made dessert before dinner and decides spaghetti is the best dinner! She fills up Jayces overalls with tons of spaghetti and pours it down the front too! to top it off, she pours batter over Jayces clean pigtails! She is a whining, groaning super mad mess! She had made herself look so cute in her blue jean overalls and was a complete disaster by the end and completely humiliated by the whole experience as you can hear throughout! enjoy this tit for tat, silliness from Jayce and Ariel (thelma and louise, haha!)
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