Jayce Does It All in Her Fave Mess Ever! Bottomless Clay!

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"Jayce Dives, Dildo's, Swim, Submerges+Squirts in Bottomless Mud!"
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In my rhinestone lingerie set, garters and stockings? I slowly step in the most amazing mud I have ever been in! I dunk, dive, dildo, swim, submerge and squirt in this bottomless white clay pit that seemed endlessand I also brought my hunters! There is not a lot I can say about this- The pics do it no justice. I was in total awe of it all and I have never- ever enjoyed any mess more than this-ever! You have to see it-I am enamored by the warm mud-I am overwhelmed by it. It is thick but swimmable-it piles onto your skin but you can float in it. My feet never touched a bottom when I was out just a few feet. The mud continously was pushing on my body and my naughty bits which made it all the more arousing. IT would suck you in and you would pull yourself out only to be sucked in again. I floated while I fucked myself with my dildo into the earth... Watching my body go deeper and deeper, with every thrust (my dildo thrusts itself and I was doing some too!) I pound myself into the earth, come back up and start again after it almost took me under and then? I squirt heavy into the clay. I rip off my top and panties, leaving nothing but my garters and stockings to play in. I could not get enough. I kept diving, submerging, playing, showing off my stockings, my feet, my hunters on my feet while floating. Then came dive practice and cannonballs into the mud! Needless to say? I could do this everyday. If you love mud videos? This is one of the most incredible mud experiences I have ever had! I hope you enjoy it enough so that I can go back in August! Its hard to find words to explain this whole deal. IT was so beautiful... and the clean off scene? You get to see the crystal blue water that was attached to this amazing white mud that literally loooked like a vanilla frosty! Enjoy my most favorite mess to date!
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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Please pace yourself, while watching this one!"
Rob Blaine (old school WAM fans remember him) would have been proud of this one. Jayce visits a Thick pit of white clay, and just lets her dirty mind do the rest! She slathers the clay onto herself, then Happily submerges again and again. Jayce openly admits that she came during her first sink, and presumes the viewer did as well. There is no doubt that you will. If you enjoyed her "350 lb. batter bath," you will love this video! It's a must-buy for WAM fans, especially if you're into babes getting filthy in mud. If you're into clean-up stuff, especially full nudity from guys, get part 3 of this, but part 1 is More than enough.

deadpool 11 days ago
"Incredible experience from a UMD legend!"
This has to be one of the best videos I've seen from Jayce, she's set the bar even higher! She's in peak form, just losing herself to the mud, satisfying her deepest desires, and bringing us along for the ride. And thanks to Tannerqs, is another fantastic example of the community helping each other to fulfill our messy dreams. Looking forward to the other videos made from this trip!

SweetJames 24 days ago
"What a magical place!"
This is like a mecca I have not seen since the glory days of Rob's Lake Mead videos from the 90s. Combine that with with one of my favorite people on this planet and 36 minutes total of pure, creamy, muddy fun, and clean up. This scene doesn't have a script, it's just Jayce uncut, and about 30 seconds of a clean outfit before she's just doing cannon balls, dives, and swimming in this amazing mud! Big shout out to Tannerqs for finding this site, getting here out there, and filming this for the rest of us to enjoy!

PotatomanK 27 days ago
"Spoiler Warning (Tldr: Buy This!)"
My first time watching this video was like this: about 5 minutes in, she's already in the deep end, and is about to fully submerge standing up. Watching Jayce, this gorgeous WAM legend, get so worked up and excited while slowly sinking up to her face in this stuff is already enough to drive any red-blooded mud/quicksand enjoyer absolutely crazy, but after she submerges and comes back up fully covered in this McFlurry-looking-ass mud, she says: "I think I just came... please tell me you came too!" Like, Jayce, I'm trying to pace myself here and you're already making that extremely difficult as it is! lol Maybe it's not as much an issue for women, but guys got a cool-down period we gotta deal with! Long story short, you're probably gonna need a cool-down after several moments in this video. Fortunately it's separated into two segments: one for segs and the other for playful (but still sexy) diving and acrobatics. It's a full package, but I warn you, it'll be hard to keep it in even after just the first 7 minutes :P (I recommend watching this with headphones so you can enjoy the sound the mud backs, as well as Jayce's sounds, of course ;P)

MarioFan64 29 days ago
Jayce  24 days ago
Thank you all for your lovely, kind and rad comments! I consider myself really lucky to get to play in this-and I'm so glad I got to share it with you all and that you enjoy it! Part of what I do? What makes me tick? Is seeing how much you all love it as well. Consider me "ticked" hardy har har.Report
SecretSquelcher  25 days ago
Ok, so I no longer consider myself to have the best mud location! Wow!Report
MelonieNosha  27 days ago
OMG this place is the stuff dreams are made of!!! I want to go to there Report
jkoshOne  27 days ago
Splosh Lover  27 days ago
Can I just add my vote on this. As always, Jayce, you are absolutely amazing. You are the best.Report
KingLeoric  28 days ago
One of the best scenes I ever saw! The mud is just amazing. Please, do more shoots there!Report
Jayce  28 days ago
I almost ruined my ray bans but luckily? Tanner helped me clean them!Report
Jayce  28 days ago
I MAY have another scene in this mud. Report
hiimawesome  29 days ago
Wow wow wow!!! Please use this pit again!! Some of the best quicksand adjacent content I've ever seen.Report
bob1987564  29 days ago
This is seriously one of the most sexy videos ever!!!! Jayce sets the bar with quality wam!Report
Rubbberscum  29 days ago
Yes im so excited for this buying right now!Report
FOAMSLAVE  29 days ago
Jayce you really Lucky lady! Your the amazing hot messy lady!Report
TannerQS  30 days ago
Can't wait to have you back Report
MarioFan64  30 days ago
That was INSANE! And you're so adorable/hot when you're so excited/aroused when you're sinking all the way <3 You're so lucky/I'm so envious that you got to experience that!Report
RubberCartoon  30 days ago
This looks absolutely divineReport
WAMOptimist93  30 days ago
LET'S FUCKING GO!! The Queen of Mud has made her entrance in 2024. Report
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