Gunged and Pied!
Produced by Stepfawn Studio
Starring these models:
"Messy session with Stepfawn and Gungexx!"

Gungexx begins the session by dumping two big buckets of pink and purple gunge on Stepfawn. Stepfawn becomes completely covered in goop and really enjoys sucking Gungexx's cock in all the mess. Stepfawn and Gungexx bring out the pies and smash them in both faces. They end the scene by stroking and sucking each others messy cocks in the tub. (We ended up cumming off camera. It was difficult to film the way it was all set up. Might have to return to the tub for a massive orgasm another time...) ;p.

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Date added:5/07/18
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"Absolutely worth It! Buy buy buy!"
By sexystew90  5/10/18

One of the best scenes I have ever seen! Made me a very happy boy! Plus I really need this treatment so any offers please inbox me! Such a shame I didn't get to see you both cumming that would have been the icing on the cake but Exceptional work boys!

"Worth Every Penny!"
By Messy_Man100  5/7/18

This is a match made in heaven! If you're reading this just go ahead and scroll back up and buy it! Worth every penny! Hope to see more from these two in the future!

User comments
From lycrafeel  6/4/18
LOVED this vid, tnx
From Shampoo1  5/9/18
From filthynudist  5/8/18
Must buy this! You've done it again!
From gungeslime  5/8/18
Definitely buying this
From PhillyWAMAddict  5/8/18
Fucking hot! Thanks...
From joshb  5/8/18
Absolutely loved this video man
From KaTetsuGo  5/7/18
Absolutely awesome video!!!
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