Gunge Disaster
Produced by Messy Princess's Store
Starring these models:
"How Not To Make Gunge!"

This cheeky individual had the audacity to tease her about the quality of her gunge mixing / making on his previous visit and after she gets him to do it this time round he has done a rather dire job!

One green bucket of gunge that is remotely smooth, a bucket of pink gunge that is more a layer of coloured lumps and watery mess below, a yello bucket of pretty much the same and a bucket of lumpy slime that has actually thickened up quite well.

Dressed in brightly coloured latex shirt and black latex jeans he has to take all 4 buckets of this poorly made gunge and slime all over his head and even has some poured and stuffed down his tight fitting latex top.

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Runtime:13 mins, 52 secs
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