Evil Photographer Makes Elana Sink
From MessyDamsels
Starring these models:
Elana Bohemia has agreed to do an outdoor photoshoot with a female photographer he is meeting for the first time. The photographer, Leila Hazlett, explains to Elana that she wants to do some fashion shots of Elana in her lovely blue gown and then some "damsel in distress" style photos where Elana pretends to be afraid. At first things go pretty well but then Leila tells Elana that she is going to pretend to be running away from someone and "accidentally" get run into quicksand. Elana isn't thrilled about having to step into a watery looking mud hole covered in algae. She hesitantly goes in even though she finds the mud hole pretty gross. Leila is very upbeat and encouraging and tells Elana how great she is doing and gives her directions on how to pose and look afraid. Even when Elana starts getting afraid for real when she realizes she is sinking Leila just keeps being positive and keeps taking photos. Leila ignors Elana's pleas for help as she slowly sinks under.

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