Episode 93 Part 1
Produced by messymayhem.com's store
Starring these models:
"Bomb Quiz"

We have three new girls making their first appearance on the site, red haired Jade, busty, pale skinned, bubbly blonde Willow (both of whom are gunge virgins) and buxom uber babe Penny who I have been trying to get on the site for years! All three are playing the bomb quiz and one thing is certain, one of them will be going topless and climbing aboard the gunge tank to await the inevitable! You're stuck with Bob as a host but the girls I'm sure more than make up for that. Two minutes go on the clock and whichever girl is holding the bomb has to answer the questions. If they get a question right they pass the bomb onto the next girl. If they get a question wrong they stay holding onto the bomb. When the time is up whichever girl is left holding the bomb is going to be getting covered in yellow, followed by green gunge. They are all very nervous and the game gets ever more frantic as it goes on. The eventual loser did however take the gunge very well and did end up quite enjoying herself. If you don't want to know who that was I would avoid the below vidcaps….

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