Episode 76 Part 1
Produced by messymayhem.com's store
Starring these models:
"Don't Laugh or You'll Lose Extreme"

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Our special guests are wambabes legends Ariel and Sadie. When I contacted Ariel about making some videos for us I came up with idea of doing something a little bit new. Ariel and Sadie (probably foolishly) were really up for it. This saw them making the pilot for "Messymayhem Extreme!" where we take the usual elements of messymayhem, silly games, gorgeous girls, lots of mess and general chaos but also add a few extra fetish elements on the way such as bondage and tickling. Oh and if you lose, you're not just getting messy, you're getting messy nude. The first game we have modified for our Extreme format is "Don't Laugh or You'll Lose" So as you'd expect everything is more extreme. The girl playing still has to not laugh, however she is tied up and the other girl has carte blanche to tickle her mercilessly. The time is also doubled to four minutes! Every time the girl playing laughs the timer is stopped and she gets a forfeit (most of a messy variety, others just lose her clothes). The idea is to get through the four minutes of torturing tickling without tittering too much else she will be a nude and messy wreck! The girls don't know who's going to be playing they have to consult the envelope containing Bob's instructions. They haven't seen the forfeits either and I think it's fair to say the playing girl wasn't too impressed with either! That said she was a great sport and the video is a lot of fun as well as brutal in parts. We even have a feet camera for some of the tickling for all you feet fans. So just for a recap that's Ariel, Sadie, full nudity, bondage, tickling, loads of pies and gunge and silliness if that isn't extreme enough for you I don't know what is! If you don't want to know who was tickled and who was tickler and what happen then look away now as here come some vidcaps…
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