Dirty Flower Trap
Produced by Mary Orchid video store
Starring the following model:
"Damned flowers!"

Tiny loves to walk in the field and collect flowers. Today she wore a tight-fitting top and denim shorts. She walked in the tall grass until she saw a bright flower. It's an orange lily, Tiny wanted to take it for a bouquet of flowers. However, this flower grows right in the mud!

Tiny steps into thick mud and she begins to like it. She walks the mud for a while. Then she tears off the flower and is about to leave this place... But it was a trap! Tiny suddenly began to sink into the mud. She tries to get out, but only sinks deeper.

For half an hour she floundered in the mud. She climbs out, undresses, and falls again into the pit. She takes off her clothes and bra, you can see her bare big breasts! It seems that this dirty trap brings pleasure... =) Would you like to be there with Tiny? Enjoy!

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Total size:1.39 GB
Runtime:44 mins, 24 secs
Scene ID:24390

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User comments
From MudSlogger  3/27/18
From operator2495  9/11/17
My God in Heaven.
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