Dessert Glass
Produced by Shokolada's store
Starring the following model:
"Kuriosity takes a job advertising desserts--only to be trapped in one!"

Around fifteen years ago, Shok's story "Dessert Glass" appeared on the Usenet group, and then on the brand-new Shokolada's Mess website. It's made the rounds since then, and had been often mentioned as an all-time classic of wam.

Well, now PieWorks brings to you the first publicly-available video adaptation. The lovely-proportioned brunette Kuriosity, in braids and a trashbag bikini, answers a modeling call for a new line of desserts. Little does she know that she'll shortly be trapped in the middle of the serving container, and have to keep delivering her lines as the level of goo rises and rises.

We finish off the scene with eighteen pies delivered to face, crown, and sandwich-style--because what's a dessert without some topping? It's clear that Kuriosity had a great time working with us, and you can expect to see her again soon!

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Date added:5/29/12
Year produced:2012
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"Innovative scenario, cute model, mess delivery holds it back."
By BSWAL28  5/30/12

Solid purchase, multiple angles and closeups are appreciated. A great new and fun scenario, model is cute and playful with the mess. Delivery of pies is clumsy, and the chocolate and custard should be dumped over her head to increase the mess factor. Overall a new idea which works very well, a couple small issues in delivery of the mess but it will be in my top 5 watched list for the foreseeable future. Would love to see some minor reworkings (smaller 'glass' and more head mess) to really take this great idea to the top!

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