CheekyLuna's Orgasms In Very Thick Gunge

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CheekyLuna has been doing some experimenting with different thicknesses of gunge for ideas for upcoming scenes. The previous day she made a jug of purple glass gunge that was far far too thick. Rather than wasting it, she decided she wants to play in it, and if she's playing in it, she may as well let you all join in the fun.

Sitting completely naked on a nice fluffy blanket, she has her jug of super thick jelly-like gunge to one side. To her other side she has her waterproof wand vibrator and a long, thick, realistic dildo.

She holds the jug over her boobs and allows the gunge to slowly ouse out of the jug onto her with a gasp. She spreads the cold, thick liquid over her front, quickly covering her lovely big boobs. She moans gently as she spreads the sticky gunge down her body and onto the inside of her thighs. Opening her legs wide she rubs the gunge into her pussy with a gentle gasp. Grabbing the jug again she allows some more of the gunge to pour out over her pussy. She enjoys the feeling as she rubs it against herself. She grabs the dildo with her messy hands, and begins rubbing the mess up and down whilst holding it close to her chest. She slides the dildo into her pussy letting out a deeper moan. It's clear to see she's now going into her own little world as she enjoys the sensation of the dildo thrusting inside her.

She continues thrusting whilst slowly pouring more of the gunge over her boobs. She scoops what more she can from the jug and rubs it into her pussy, enjoying the feeling of the thick slime inside her. She pushes her dildo deep into her pussy once more and continues to breathe heavily as she massages the mess into her boobs and thighs with her other hand.

She grabs her vibrator and presses it into her clit whilst holding the dildo deep inside herself which quickly turns her pleasure up a notch. Writhing against her toys, she begins thrusting the dildo hard into her pussy again, which quickly begins building towards an orgasm. She pushes her wand hard into her clit, removes her dildo and moans intensely awaiting the inevitable. Her thighs and boobs glisten with gunge as she enjoys a huge squirting orgasm. She moans intensely whilst holding the wand firmly in place. She decides she isn't done yet and re-inserts her dildo. Her thighs sudder uncontrollably as she builds towards a second, smaller squirting orgasm.

Very pleased with herself, she puts the toys down and rubs the sticky gunge into her body. Grabbing a little more gunge that has settled in the jug, she rubs the gunge straight into her super sensitive pussy. She continues to rub her clit and her boobs covered in the mess. Holding her boobs together her fingers bring her to another, much gentler orgasm.

She slumps back and catches her breath, looking at the mess she's made of herself before signing off with a kiss.
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Reviews from Paying Customers:

The video is beautiful. Especially that squirting stream... That's what I love the most. Thank you for this discovery and real authentic orgasms. I would like more squirting videos :)

amanz23 16 days ago
MrWetShirt  8/12/23
OMG! You look absolutely amazing, Luna! Thanks for sharing! OMG! I must go now for a cold bath. I've always preferred clothed WAM, but now I'm reconsidering. You look so pure, so sweet, so innocent. U'm maybe not so innocent, you lovely lady. PeterReport
WAMBang69  8/5/23
Looks amazing!!!Report
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