CC Is the Enterprising Estate Agent XXX HD Movie
Produced by WSM Productions
Starring the following model:
"A fetish video with wet clothes and stockings and wet clothed sex"

File count:4
Total size:222.31 MB
Total runtime:28 mins, 26 secs
Date added:1/13/18
Product ID:XXX038
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Mrs. Custard Couple is the enterprising estate agent.

Mr. Custard Couple is the prospective buyer who is rather more demanding than the normal purchaser.

He has some wet fun at her expense, but just how far will Mrs. CC go to clinch that sale?

We find out in XXX movie xxx038 which runs 28 minutes. Plus there are also 90 images of this movie in set w363xxx.

there is a huge difference between consensual and non-consensual sex. But CC are a married couple and are just indulging in sexual fantasy role play. Stream 1

Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) is the estate agent.

She shows her sales prospect (Mr. CC) over the small bedsit.

Mr. CC's 1st unusual request was to get her to lie on the bed.

Next he has her bend-over and kneel on the settee, giving some nice leg shots.

Then they inspect the en-suite bathroom.

Mr. CC wonders if he will fit in the bath.

He persuades Mrs. CC to get into the bath which surprisingly (or is that unsurprisingly) is filled with water. He cajoles Mrs. CC to lie down in the bath see free trailer

mr. CC insists she lies right down in it, giving us some good wet look and terrific wet stockings shots!

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 30 secs

Stream 2

A dripping Mrs. CC exits the bath.

'Nothing shocks us estate agents and we always want to please' she says.

They go back to the bedroom.

A wet Mrs. CC sits on the settee as Mr. CC asks her about her wetness.

He says he thought he noticed a shower in the bathroom.

'Can you put it on and get underneath so we can see how it works?' he asks.

'It will finally seal the deal! Go completely under it' he requests.

So Mrs. CC gets wet again.

She removes her jacket.

She shows her gleaming stockings.

All this makes Mr. CC very horny.

'There is something extra you could do to clinch the deal', says Mr. cc.

her calls her 'A very naughty estate agent'.

Mrs. CC expresses her willingness to complete the deal.

He tells her exactly what he wants.

'I'm sure that can be arranged' says Mrs. cc.

stream 2 runs 6 mins 33 secs

Stream 3

The language becomes direct.

Mrs. CC tells him he will not be disappointed.

Mr. CC appears and gropes Mrs. cc.

his cock is soon out, he removes her blouse and lustily shags her doggie style.

Next, Mrs. CC sits on the settee. She has to ride his cock indulging in plenty of chatter and dirty talk.

The wet skirt, stockings and knickers turn him on.

Mr. C cums.

She leans back on his cock and eventually she cums.

There has been a continuous 7 minute sex session.

Mrs. CC tells him 'He definitely gives a girl a hard sale!'

She gets re-dressed and leaves saying that 'It was a very, very extraordinary bedsit viewing!'

Stream 3 runs 11 mins 19 secs
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