Bubble Bath Hitachi Play W/Hair Washing+suds!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce gets naughty in the bubble bath with tons of suds and orgasms!"

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Total size:953.76 MB
Runtime:29 mins, 52 secs
Scene ID:28498

A cute lingerie set to get wet, stripping down, sinking into the bubbles, sudsing my naked body...talking to you...teasing you...dunking and then pulling out my hitachi wand for amazing orgasms over and over! i can barely move they are so intense...I wash my hair and create even more suds running down my naked body, all around me in the sudsy tub, full of bubbles, i rub more soap all over my body...the bubbles hug my every curve, i touch myself, i talk to you about how everything feels... I decide to really start getting naughty by laying on my side with you, head dunking and holding my hitachi right on my clit... you can hear my moans under the water and i heave as i come up for air, with my hair all over my face and go back down again, pull my hair over my face and come back up...trying so hard gto catch my breath with my hair slicked over my face and im SO close to cumming so hard. I love head dunking SO much that i am insanely turned on! I keep going and dunking, and gasping for breath until my legs start to quiver, my body is tight and i cum so hard for you! it is amazing and so relaxing to have you right there with me while i get so naughty and have so much fun in just a tub with a lot of extra suds to play with and wash my thick hair with! I get myself even more horny again and pull out the hitachi again and make sure to get multiple orgasms for you. super long video of just me and you...enjoying some super sudsy tub time with some amazing orgasms...you can see my clit start to swell i cum so hard for you! a Bubble bath was such a good idea!
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29.9 minutes

"Great bubbly video!"
This is a very sexy video where Jayce plays with bubbles and shampoo. Jayce is very cute and sexy when is covered in foam,This is strongly recommended for people who like bubbles and Jayce. JPWam, 5/18/18
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