A Humiliating Slop Bath
Produced by wamboots's store
Starring the following model:
"Tori endures and extremely messy slop bath humiliation."

Wamboots brings you one of the sloppiest humiliation videos ever to come to the WAM genre-- Tori has been unfaithful to her master and now much endure an extreme Humiliating Slop Bath. Wearing her standard shirt, tie, jeans overalls, jeans jacket, and knee high black platform boots--Tori nearly drowns in a tub full of slop. First she endures a smelly lemon juice barrage. She stands up as jeans get wet. Next comes eggs, milk, multi-colored pudding, chocolate syrup, and flour. Spaghetti Sauce pie smashed in her face and poured on her, more pudding pies, syrup, and juice. Then Master scoops up the slop and pours in on Tori. Next is more chocolate syrup, flour, and pudding, Tori is covered completely now as more buckets of slop gets dumped on her. Next an entire 5 liter tub of ketchup gets dumped on Tori's head! The slop is now almost up to the top of her boots. More milk, syrup, pudding and chocolate. Then more slop dumping as Tori is almost drowning! A final humiliation for Tori as she gives master a handjob and receives his gift on her head. She must now spend the night in the tub covered in stinky slop fully-clothed in jeans and boots. High quality photos interspersed in the video. Shot in 2 angles High Definition 1920 x 1088 and 1280 x 720.

File count:1
Total size:826.86 MB
Runtime:52 mins, 20 secs
Scene ID:5546
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826.86 MB
52.3 minutes

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