A Bad Day at the Spa 3
From Messygirl's Video Vault
"Hannah Perez gets a spa treatment from hell"

Hannah Perez is a bitchy customer at Amy's Spa. Amy tries to keep her cool as Hannah continues to belittle her. Amy starts a mud facial on Hannah, but then snaps and starts to spread the mud thick all over Hannah's face. She then tapes Hannah down to the salon chair, and now it's about to get good. Amy continues to cover Hannah in mud, but not before she writes in lipstick slut and cunt on Hannah's tits and stomach. She even draws a cock and balls on her leg. Amy then cuts off Hannah's panties and stuffs them in her mouth. Now Hannah's hairy bush and pussy is exposed for all to see. Amy continues to smear the mud all over her exposed body until she is completly covered. She makes sure to add an extra layer on Hannah's head and hair. Now it's time to give Hannah a trim. Amy starts to cut off Hannah's mud covered hair one muddy chunk at a time. Hannah is horrified as Amy throws the cut off muddy hair on her. Amy is having a blast as she mocks Hannah and even reuses the cut off hair to give Hannah a very humiliating hair style. Amy's job is done, so she walks away. Hannah is nearly in tears as she realizes her hair is now destroyed beyond reapir. Extreme WAM fans will love this video.

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