16 Shades of Pie
Produced by Layla's WAM Room
Starring the following model:
"Layla's all white athletic clothes VS 16 crazy colored pies."

I hate the color white, and guess what? When I went to the store to buy work out clothes, all they had were white shorts, white tank tops, white socks, even white panties. It was practically a conspiracy! Being the girl that I am, I just couldn't stand for that. I broke out the mixer and whipped up 16 pies in all different colors. I sit down in my white short shorts, white tank top, and white Puma socks, surrounded by the pies. I start with my sock clad, size 11 feet. Then I take the socks off and pie my bare feet. I continue to pie my body, leaving my face untouched. After filling my shirt with pie and changing the color of m whole outfit, I remove it to reveal my sexy white thong panties, which I waste no time changing the color of. Many pies to the pussy later, the panties come off. I hope you enjoy watching my messy, clothes coloring fun!

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Total size:115.39 MB
Total runtime:13 mins, 48 secs
Date added:5/20/14
Year produced:2014
Scene ID:10229

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