14 Shaving Cream Pie Pay-Up
Produced by Gungebear's Den
Starring the following model:
After being challenged to take 14 cream pies, I take off my clothes, hop on the bed and deliver the goods.

I start by pieing my face, rubbing it up and down my body. I make sure to get my crotch and ass in on the action.

After the 14 pies, I make a few bigger pies with the remains and smash them into my face.

All this culminates with lying down in the creamy, sloppy mess and pleasuring myself along with a final pie to the face.

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User comments
From QSHun  12/11/18
Woww, hot piefun!
From HarmlessFunGuy  9/13/18
Incredible and sexy. Thanks for sharing. Love a guy in briefs.
From GUNGEFOXY  6/29/18
what a creamy sexy inspiration
From Shampoo1  5/13/18
Just need to give yourself a nice "Pie Shampoo" for your hair.
From pasteinpants  5/13/18
well sexy just enjoyed a wank in my underpants
From pagefan1  5/12/18
Best pie video I've seen in a while. I hope you do this again sometime soon <3
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